Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Extend and Pretend, Train Wreck...what next? Armageddon?

Oh, wait...Armageddon's been used as well to describe real estate. I've also been guilty of using hackneyed phrases to describe what the market has been like. Last year's fave was "extend and pretend." So far in 2010, "train wreck" is in the lead.  You've got Jamie Dimon, the New York Times, plenty of other news outlets, Time of goes on and on and on, sort of like The Song That Goes Like This from Spamalot. (I love Sara Ramirez...she basically stole the show in Chicago.)

Here's another piece of good analysis from Kenneth Leonard.  And here is a contrarian view posted recently.

My pledge? I will try to stay away from using cliches to describe the market. But I will probably fail. After all, it is practically a tradition.


Jeremiah said...

Glad to see you thinking out of the box when it come to cliches

ema123 said...
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Bank Quixote said...

Forgot the "rolling loan gathers no loss"!