Monday, July 6, 2009

Is the buy-sell disconnect connecting?

That's what this article claims is happening, at least in Orange County. On top of loan money often not being there, the disconnect between buyers wanting to buy low and sellers wanting to sell high might be narrowing. Until that happens in many more markets, and money is there to lend instead of being spent on raising banker salaries then you'll see slow activity. Oh, and it goes without saying that a soft leasing market does not help either, and that won't improve for so long as unemployment keeps rising. I am starting to sound like Chicken Little again and I don't like that, so I'd better stop writing.


Chris Rodriguez said...

No way. Its not happening yet. A few deals getting done is by no means an indication of a market trend. We have a long way to go before sellers face reality and stop thinking unanchored (or anchored for that matter) centers are worth 6 caps.

David Stejkowski said...

Suffice it to say I'm not seeing this locally.

alyssa said...

it's a great idea for buyers & sellers but you have more idea on it then post.


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