Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Tidbits - 3/19/09

Here's some random thoughts from the blogosphere today and a few of the sites I follow regularly:

Jeff Brown has a good series called "Transitioning from Growth to Retirement as a Real Estate Investor." Give it a read.

Manhattan went from a big landlord market to a big tenant market in the shortest of orders. Take a look over at Brokered.

The Llenrock Group talking about the 3-card monte of our economy.

Some surprises in national retail vacancy rates, all courtesy of Chris Rodriguez at retailchatr.

Traffic Court reports that David Simon appears to have changed his tune on shopping malls, at least a little, saying that retail will bounce back faster and harder than most predict.

Where are we in the cycle? Visualize it at Real Property Alpha.


CountingSheep said...

What do people think of the commercial chart. Is it accurate? It would be nice to have dates. But the bigger question is it looks like in 2005 and 2006 when residential peaked that commercial was at a realistic level. Is it a fact that commercial went through the roof subsequently? Is the bottom really going to be 2006 values?
Something is odd.

David Stejkowski said...

I don't know. I have always heard that commercial often lags behind residential by a spell, but in this case I think you might be right about the commercial peak. It would be interesting to have the OP's take on this. And is the cycle different from market to market? All politics is local and with dirt that is also usually the case too.