Thursday, March 12, 2009

Such a Deal!

The Tribune reports that Sears Tower is being renamed Willis Tower. But the London-based insurance broker is only taking 140,000 sf of space at $14.50 per foot net. Note that the word "initially" was used, so there are surely expansion options and perhaps even so-called "must-take" options in the lease. We don't know the length of the term from this story or any extension options, how much the rent does or does not increase with time and what other concessions are in the lease.

So on the surface at least this looks like a tremendous deal for Willis. First, the rent is reasonable and the naming rights to an iconic building are priceless. Well, I guess they aren't priceless any more. Until I know the whole story, I just call it a heck of a good deal for the tenant. And hey, the landlord gets PR, cash flow and occupancy!


Deal Junkie said...

The Willis Tower? c'mon, i don't approve.

David Stejkowski said...

Like anyone's going to call it that? :)