Thursday, March 5, 2009

Did I say $12 billion?

Yes. But get this quote:

The head of CNL Financial Group, one of Florida’s largest private commercial real estate services firm, said $12 trillion in capital remains on the sidelines because investors “don’t know the rules of the game.”
I can't count that high. That's why I'm a lawyer. But I do know that money is definitely in the sidelines. And it is not just from the equity side. There are companies taking out full-page ads touting how much money they are moving; all I can say is I'm not seeing it. (That said, I know other companies that are, and I commend them for it.)


Anonymous said...

That's almost the equivalent of one year of U.S. GDP. Sounds--not quite right.

David Stejkowski said...

Yeah, doesn't that seem a little high? But like I said if I could count I wouldn't be a lawyer. :)