Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We're still lending -- really we are!

This is what you hear banks saying. But then you read that originations are down 80% from 4Q 2007, when things were already starting to slow. And this is across the board in commercial and multi-family sectors. Lenders say, however, that they are lending and have to lend to stay in business and make money. So who do you believe? I have my opinion :)


Deal Junkie said...

I think the commercial banks are lending, but the capital/securization market has collapsed. A lot of people confuse these two difference concepts, especially those on the Hill.

David Stejkowski said...

Oh, securitization is dead as a doornail. But except for very small deals, I am not seeing commercial bank or other lender activity at a reasonable level. But that is just my personal experience.