Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Holidays!

I am swamped with year-end work right now, and I'm trying to cram it all into this week since I am leaving for Manila on Saturday night for the holidays, which means I also have family obligations here to which I must attend. That does not lead to much time to write here.

I'll perhaps post something about dirt issues in the Philippines once I get there, and I'll be back if something compelling arises. But if I don't have the opportunity to do so -- which is what I think might happen these next few days -- please accept my best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season.

We often forget what this time of year is truly about. I'm going to take time to celebrate that true spirit of the season with my family and friends, and I hope you'll get to do so too. As I said to someone about balancing work and life, it isn't easy, and no matter how long you live, life is always, always, always too short.


CountingSheep said...

Merry Chistmas and have a nice trip!

Deal Junkie said...

Have a grand time in the Philippines! I hear there's good diving there.