Friday, December 12, 2008

GGP- day of reckoning?

Hard to say at this point. The stock's up 31% as I type. The company announced that it was able to refinance $900 million in debt, but that is not the $900 million that comes due today for the Vegas malls. There's no assurance of further extensions on those loans; I'd have to speculate that this is because Citibank has been playing hardball by wanting a retrade on another deal. And I guess the other banks cannot, have not or will not buy Citi out of its share of the loans, which is one way to skin that cat.

For those of you interested in the CMBS part of the deal in the event of a filing, this story on a Fitch downgrade will explain it well, and that those investors ought to be safe becauseof bankruptcy remoteness. Ah yes, substantive nonconsolidation opinions.....zzzzzz......

Have a good weekend! I'll be back if there is more to say. I may have to head back to the Office Depot liquidation sale at the brand-new branch near my house. So sad. That's a ten year lease going dark, by the way, although I do not know any other terms.