Thursday, October 16, 2008

OT: Life is always too short

A corollary to my post of yesterday about BigLaw layoffs and living your life. As you may recall, yesterday I said that no one on his deathbed ever said, "I wish I had worked more."

Let's face one fact: life is always too short, no matter how long it is. Why do I say this? My grandfather died this morning. He was 89 and had been hospitalized the last two days, but no one was expecting anything this sudden, including his doctors. Our best guess is that he threw a pulmonary embolism in the middle of the night.

I apologize for writing about personal matters, but I do so for two reasons. I wanted to let you know that I may not be writing much the next few days. But I also want to preach one last lesson to people who don't spend as much time as they'd like with their families. Find a way. Make it happen. And don't feel guilty about it. Cherish every day with them that you can, because only God can tell you whether you'll have another one.

And if you don't believe me, then don't feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for this family, which is mourning the loss of their 13 month old daughter being flown to Children's Memorial for treatment. I pray for them and for all the families who lost loved ones in that helicopter crash trying to save a young life.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

My condolences to you and your family - lurker and occasional reader via SSP.

Doug Cornelius said...

David -

Sorry for your loss.

No need to apologize for writing about personal matters. Its your blog. Do what you want.

Spend time with your family and think about the great times you had with your grandfather.

JimSearing said...

I've always felt that certain grandparents are about as close as we will ever see to perfect people...not that they are perfect, but they manifest certain qualities that radiate wisdom, grace, and a bridge to a different times. Thanks for sharing good and tough times-we know you're there for us and we're here for you...

Deal Junkie said...

Oh, so sorry for your loss, David.