Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Add Jenner to the list -- again

The NLJ reports that Jenner is once again asking (read: telling) about 10 partners to leave the firm. Why? Staffing changes to meet expertise. I hope no one I know is affected. Once again, here's that reminder that, for better or worse, partnership isn't what it once was.

Nothing on associate layoffs though. Indeed, there was apparently an all-hands meeting the other week where employees were told everything is fine. ATL and the WSJ both have their own stories on this event.

I guess you call call it the annual event, sort of like GE performance reviews. But GE's a corporation, of course. And much as I deplore the loss of the traditional partnership model, let's look at the flip side: is it the fault of the associates that certain partners are not making targets? Looking at it that way, this makes more sense than dumping younger potential partners. Jenner's press release makes it clear that the bottom line's more important than ever.