Tuesday, July 1, 2008

1031s -- down but not out and possibly set for a boom

If the capital gains tax goes up -- a possibility under McCain and a virtual certainly under Obama -- the 1031 market is going to go through the roof as people will try to defer their capital gains.

While in some sectors 1031s are still very popular, I don't see many of them in my practice -- maybe two a year these days. I expect that number to rise, and I am starting to bone up on current events in the field and various rulings and nuances of the law to make sure I am ready for that boom.

If you too are interested in thinking about 1031s, one website I stumbled across was this blog from the 1031 Alternatives Group. It is (as it ought to be) an ad for their services (which includes TIC deals), but I also found their information interesting, and I learned a ting or two about some recent developments. There are also some very basic concepts discussed for neophytes.