Monday, June 2, 2008

Why do I take vacations anyway?

You end up working twice as hard when you get back.

Some random Monday thoughts:

Lisa Michelle Galley has some thoughtful comments on green lending in a post from yesterday. (P.S. -- Lisa, I agree with you --- seems like underwriting spin to me.)

Calgary -- yes, Calgary??? has the second most expensive office space in North America according to CBRE. (Courtesy of Deal Junkie.)

Four major title companies are being hit with class action lawsuits alleging they are "charging customers for services performed by other companies involved in the residential real estate settlement process." (Note that River West's underwriter, LandAmerica, is not a party.)

Big shopping centers in Will County (including some I believe I've written about here before) are being delayed due to economic conditions.

While I was gone I missed this excellent interview with Barry Sternlicht.

No more shopping at Sharper Image, at least not the brick-and-mortar version. All of the 86 remaining stores are being liquidated. (The catalog, Internet and other operations will continue.)

Seriously, though, it is great to be back and writing and working. It was also perhaps the most relaxing vacation I've had in years.


BawldGuy Talking said...

Welcome back David. Vacations have their price, and they're the most expensive upon our return.

Ironic, isn't it?

David Stejkowski said...

Yeah...I'm paying the price on multiple levels. I even have a new set of golf clubs waiting for me! But clients come first.

Deal Junkie said...

welcome back!