Friday, June 6, 2008

Sorry, Ivanka

You're stunningly beautiful and very smart and obviously know our biz, but I don't think you don't know the territory.

Crain's moved a story stating that, according to Trump, "some of Oak Street’s high-end businesses are interested in the retail space planned for Trump International Hotel & Tower....Dressed in a wine-colored cut-down-to-there cocktail dress (similar to the one at the right?), Ms. Trump spoke to reporters before schmoozing with a crowd of 200 guests gathered for a cocktail party Thursday night on the tower’s 16th floor. "

But, as the story says, "a few Oak Street retailers are calling such talk a public relations ploy. Why leave millionaire’s row just off the Mag Mile for an unknown spot on the river, they ask."

Bingo. Can't see people leaving the Gold Coast because there's one building down on Wabash that has some high-rent rooms and condos. Just my humble opinion, of course.

(I'm sure Trump would counter by saying "look at Trump Tower" but (a) that is New York, (b) that was the 80s and (c) I was not terribly impressed by Trump Tower's tenant mix the last time I was there. Nice building, but it's no Oak Street from a retail perspective.)


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