Friday, May 16, 2008

Thanks for stopping by, but now go...

...take a look at this month's Retail Traffic magazine. Normally I breeze through a magazine in a few minutes, but this is the second month in a row that I was compelled to read every page of this publication.

The May issue is just chock full of good information, including David Bodamer's take on retail downturns and the current market David also mentions but also writing near the end that in this slowdown some developments have wisely slowed down. This means, as Neil Bluhm was quoted elsewhere in the magazine, there won't be a crazy 1980s-style glut, particularly as there is not a cash flow crisis.

There's also good stories on rent concessions, interesting JV partnerships, an indoor lifestyle center (which I thought was an oxymoron) from Westfield, and even a preview of next week's ICSC conference. (It even has a very slick website.)

Unfortunately, family obligations are keeping me from going west Sunday, but I am hoping to have some reports from friends and colleagues who will be there. (I'll have to hit this fall's legal conference instead.) Stay tuned.