Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My sources from ICSC say

No links here; just passing along what clients are saying. Confidence is high, attendance perhaps a little less busy than last year but still robust, perhaps more so than one would expect. I think some developers are pushing hard to start deals that won't go until some deals get signed.

Whether you are making deals is dependent on one thing, and one thing only: location. If you have dirt in a prime space you are busier than ever or at least business as usual. If you are in an exurb or a less prime area, then your deal making is way down.

As I said earlier, I am seeing the signs of breaks in the market. The only fears now are the election, consumer confidence and gas prices. Speaking of which, if you'll excuse me I need to go invest $100 in a tank of gas.


Lisa Michelle Galley: said...


I know.. long time no comment. For my part, ICSC was productive, even though the downturn in attendance was noticable. I concur that there was less frenzy. It was nice to go into a booth and not have to fight a mob just to get in. This year was much more civilized and folks did have an appetite for new deals, albeit they are more choosy. I definitely thought that lots of my banker friends were MIA, though. Still business was getting done.