Monday, April 21, 2008

OK, I can finally talk about this one

I have said time and again that I do not make news, I just report it. So, if I know about a deal (whether I am working on it or not), I don't leak it. Not my job, and I do not even want to think about the privilege and confidentiality issues that abound. (I also don't want my clients worrying about it.)

The good news is that reported today that a deal I worked on last year, the redevelopment of the New City YMCA property in Chicago, is moving along. Roundy's Supermarkets, which we discussed here recently, has signed an 80,000 sf lease. (Full disclosure: I did not negotiate that deal.) Other tenants are in the works, and, as my friend Jeff Berta says, “Unfortunately, we cannot announce any particular names at this time.” They are still talking about how to deal with some of the residential portions of the property.

I'm looking forward to a summer groundbreaking for multiple reasons.


Doug Cornelius said...

David -

Congratulations! It always feels better when you can talk (or blog) about what you have accomplished. That is not always so easy do as a lawyer.

I have the same rule. I do not mention the deal until it is in the news and then only what the news reports (assuming they got it right).

David Stejkowski said...

Thanks, Doug. I know you've done some major deals in your time and it is nice to know you share my sentiments on how to behave.