Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Name is David, and I am a BlackBerryaholic

As I am sure I have said here before, I am addicted to my CrackBerry. This article is just another sad reminder.

It was (VERY SLIGHTLY) easier to put it away back in the days of the pager-like, non-browser, no cell phone devices. (Yes, I go back that far. I've had one since 2000, when dinosaurs roamed the earth.) Now that it is all of the above it is harder to do.

I noticed the story said you should not take it with you on vacation. I am about to leave on a trip. I won't take it with me but I am hoping not to pull it out every ten minutes either. (It was also easier to put away when there were BlackBerry dead zones. Do those exist any more?)

Wish me luck. I may be posting less frequently while away though I will have a laptop with me (addiction #2).

(Courtesy of Sibdu Blog.)