Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Guest Blogging...

I don't do guest blog much. Heck, I hardly have time to keep my own blogging efforts up.

But I did tonight, at the one website I check every single day without fail: Jeff Brown's BawldGuy Talking. I'm seriously not saying this because I am the guest blogger. Jeff truly amazes me and excites me with his knowledge of real estate. And I do not say that often. He's certainly taught me a thing or two about investing, and I can guarantee you that if you read what Jeff has to say, you will learn -- and a lot, not a little.

In any event, my topic du jour was a quick little foray into entity forming considerations, including the LLC (but not always the LLC) and why it makes sense to . I did not even get into the tax consideration that can be available by using multiple entity structures, REIT considerations, and all that jazz. But I'm proud to be a guest blogger on such a great site and look forward to doing it again.


BawldGuy Talking said...

So understatement isn't your forte? :)

You knocked your first guest post outa da park.

Folks are already emailing me (back door) complementing me on my great judgment and common sense.

Thanks again.