Monday, March 31, 2008

Chicago = Dubai West?

Here's two reasons why:

1. The only skyline in the world that rivals Chicago's, in my humble opinion, is Dubai's. What they have done there is amazing. And even though I am not a big modern architecture guy, you have to admire what they are doing. Some of those buildings just drop my jaw.

2. It looks like an arm of the government is looking to acquire a 51% stake in the John Buck Co. Buck is, of course, a major player here in town, and it looks like the game plan is having their talented team help with development in Dubai and later regionally; presumably they'll retain a major presence here too and have the mega-bucks to buy, buy and buy some more. Alas, I do not know anyone over there well enough to ask, but I think it could be a win-win situation.

UPDATE: Tom Corfman reports that the Dubai-Buck JV will be 51% owned by Mubadala and that there are negotiations to take a stake (in an undisclosed amount) in Buck as well.