Monday, February 11, 2008

And I did not even notice...

Yes, I am a CrackBerry addict. I've had one since 2000 so I guess that makes me a dinosaur. I tried going without one for a few months and failed miserably. I think most dirt people have some kind of remote email access these days, no?

I just read that BlackBerry had some kind of "critical outage" this afternoon. For me everything worked perfectly until 4:43, when my last email came in. Now, I have had nothing for almost 30 minutes, but it is the end of the day so I only missed two messages. I can also tell you my web browser's down. Arrrgh. I hope this is short-lived. I remember last April's outage all too well. I don't need it as much now as I do when I am traveling or during golf season (when I can sneak in golf during the workday).

UPDATE: email is back up; but the web browser's down. I probably would not have noticed otherwise.


Lisa Michelle Galley: said...

Just before Xmas, I bought a quad-band Blackberry, so that I could get emails while traveling internationally. I won't mention the name of the service provider that had promised uninterrupted service, but I ended up going TWO WEEKS abroad without getting a single email message over my Blackberry. The network provider's system didn't work in the country where I was traveling. I was in a sweat for the first week because I was so worried that I was missing messages. I enjoyed the holiday but was relieved when I was back Stateside and saw the messages trickling back in.

David Stejkowski said...

Lisa, you are scaring me! I am planning to buy Blackberry #6 (or is it 7?) which will be a quad-band device for my trip to Asia at the end of the year! I don't want to end up purchasing a doorstop. I guess I will do some more research about BB in Asia before I cough up abother $500.