Tuesday, January 15, 2008

You want real estate statistics? Here you go!

Actually, go to ULI's The Ground Floor blog, where you will find predictions, yields, pricing on tranches of CMBS (look at the Carter-esque rates for junk and get a chuckle) and spreads by property type. Of course statistics are just statistics, and every deal is different. The one comment that made me think is that lenders will now have "their pick of the litter" when choosing where to lend money. It seems like there is still some competition for the very best deals, but lenders are certainly behaving like they did in the early 2000s and not like they did in 2006.


Jordan Crouch said...

I completely agree. It is a lender's market out there. Because the CMBS lenders are no longer as competitive as before, life insurance companies, banks, etc. are seeing more deals and can afford to be more picky about what deals they will take.

David Stejkowski said...

Jordan, this might be a strange thing to say as a developer's counsel, but in a perverse way I like it. We're not rushing to the finish line and "closing ugly" all the time, as a friend of mine (one of the best real estate lawyers I know) likes to say.