Tuesday, January 8, 2008

You think two or three Starbucks per block might be overkill?

Starbucks has announced the inevitable: unspecified store closings. The return of Howard Schultz probably precipitated this. I like Starbucks (or do you call it Charbucks?) enough, but not enough to support that many locations. (Besides, I largely gave up caffeine when I started my own firm.)

Here in my area alone, we've gone from one (in-store) to four (three in-store, one standalone) locations in a year, with one (maybe two) standalones in the works. And for all I know I missed a location; that's Starbucks for ya.


bawldGuy said...

Lewis Black, the comedian, had maybe the best line ever concerning Starbucks.

He related it to finding the end of the so-called, as he put it, infinite universe.

Seems one day Mr. Black was emerging from a Manhattan Starbucks. As he was sipping his coffee he looked up and there, across the street, on the same corner of the same intersection was -- you guessed it -- yet another Starbucks.

He screamed in terror, as he'd found the end of the known universe. :)