Monday, January 21, 2008

Random Monday thoughts....

I know it is MLK Day, but it really isn't a day many lawyers I know take off. The staff is off and government is off, so it can be a catchup day. And I am going to start catching up right here with a few general thoughts.

Let's start with the No Fun League. Having lived in San Diego for a short time I was hoping the Chargers would pull off the upset over the Pats. (I know Jeff Brown was, too.) And as a Bears fan there is just no way I could root for the Green Bay Packers to win over the New York Football Giants. (Yes, I am old school, and that is the official corporate name of the team.) So I am happy with the NFC result, and happy for my friend Gene Leone, my old boss and the only big-time Giants fan I know well. (My partner Frank is also a Giants fan, I guess, but not on Gene's level.)

On to a few items of note. I just turned in my latest column on real estate and law firms for Law Firm Inc. late Friday. My columns are not online (yet), but you can subscribe to the print edition (free in the US!) at their website. I was reading this publication long before I became a contributor, and I am privileged to be writing for it.

Carolyn Elefant has a very nice redesign of her website, which brings in the new while also not straying so far from the old to make it look unfamiliar. I like the work, and I probably need to get in touch with the lexBlog folks one of these days about spiffying this place up.

Doug Cornelius has a highly-recommended post and article about financing an acquisition and construction lending with an emphasis on Massachusetts, where he practices. I've only done two deals in Massachusetts that I can recall offhand, and he reminded me of some of the quirks of working there. I did have a minor difference of opinion or two with Doug on some small matters, but nothing that would stop me from recommending the piece.


Carolyn Elefant said...

Thanks, David!

BawldGuy said...

It was a difficult pill to swallow. The silver lining is our good guys are young, and they showed the world what they were made of Sunday.

Home field advantage in 2008! :)