Monday, January 14, 2008 a car or 8.27 sf at The Chicago Spire?

I'm not buying either, but both go on sale today.

The Smart, with a base price of $11,590, starts shipping today. It's a nice little car from what I can tell. And it looks like it is sold out for 2008, with ~30,000 reservations.

The Spire's sales office also opens today, with reported prices of $1,400+ per square foot of space. I don't think it will sell out today, although there are about 600 appointments to look at the sales center. (Not much going on in the legal action discussed here previously right now; Shelbourne filed a motion to dismiss the adjacent HOA's complaint and the next status hearing is on the 28th.)

Both are very cool. I'd like to buy both unique products. The boss would love a pied-a-terre in the city and that is certainly on the dream list. I see it happening soon, though probably not at the Spire. As for the Smart, it is more in reach price-wise, and we'll have to succeed at dieting and wait our turn for a convertible version. (The boss also wants a ragtop, even though you can't use it here much of the year.) We're actually looking at an even more unique alternative vehicle for our short-distance driving -- something that'll turn heads.


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