Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The end of the Martindale era?

I'm reasonably sure we canceled our Martindale-Hubbell subscription. If we haven't, I need to make sure we have because there are better ways to spend money. Larry Bodine's excellent blog (I believe he is a consultant to many of my former colleagues) confirmed my beliefs this morning. (Supposedly MarHub did a rudimentary website for us. If you find it, don't look at it. Our website is here. We plan to revamp it this quarter.)

Time was, pre-Internet, that this was usually the place to go for finding lawyers in, for instance, another jurisdiction where you did not know anyone. Not any more. I am pretty sure I have never received any business -- nor has any firm for which I worked received any business -- because I am listed in the directory. These days, I send emails to my friends and colleagues if I need a referral, and most others do too. This is not a slam on Martindale, but rather perhaps a acknowledgment that times have changed. They claim to be revamping their business model, so we'll see if the brand can survive.