Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Before anyone whines about lawyer salaries again....

Read this. Only a handful of law schools -- based on reported data, have an average starting salary for graduates above $100,000. Not a shock here: almost all are all so-called first tier schools.

Three Illinois schools -- Chicago, NU and Kent -- were in the top-25. I have not looked personally into Kent's high placement, but people I know and trust think it is a very underrated school.

Three Illinois law schools (NIU and DePaul, the last of which as a reputation for placing many grads in government work leading to judgeships) are in the bottom 25.

Even though I went to one the first-tier schools, I'm not saying you will necessarily get the best education there. But if money or getting a job is on the line or of prime importance, then factor this in. And don't whine if your first year pay is less than a BigLaw secretary.