Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I love the media....

The Los Angeles Times has a good story today about the current state of the California market. The main point? Sale prices are down and many sellers are holding right now rather than selling. The point you have to look for? Rents are still at record highs, vacancies are still low and all sectors in the industry are basically healthy. In fact, the story states, buyers are having a hard time finding so-called distressed sellers.

So...cap rates just came back to reality (I don't think the story said that, but I will), as did lenders. The best line in the whole story, in fact, is the very last one (no, they did not bury the lede) from DLA Piper attorney Michael Hamilton: "Smarter, more prudent lending practices will be implemented," he said, "but the market will continue to develop and grow." I admit that I didn't like the "chilly" headline of this piece, but the reporting was, in my opinion, pretty spot on.