Thursday, November 8, 2007

Silicon, name it

Here's a couple of noteworthy posts from my blogging colleagues that I heartily recommend:

Trafic Court found a story about Kohl's green initiative on all its newly-built stores. I was at an ICSC talk this morning and the presenters gave evidence from Wal-Mart that retail sales increase significantly in green buildings. Global warming aside, that's a good incentive for any retailer. So, it is not just the usual suspects at work here; you should expect to see green initiatives in all sectors of the market now. If GE Cap and Bill Clinton are behind it (lenders are apparently liking green because it represents a better investment in the event they have to take the property), more will follow.

And Jacob Cynamon has a well-reasoned post on data centers. Apparently the "glut" of several years ago has caught up to the demand and we now need more data center space. And old otherwise obsolete industrial buildings are candidates for such space. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

Now let's do green data centers!