Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More on building green

To follow up on a previous post here regarding LEED and green buildings, here's some evidence (courtesy of Jordan Crouch) that building green buildings should pay off because of long-term cost savings and tenant demand. This is the wave of the future, folks, so catch it now or be late to the party.


Jeff Brown said...

David -- I'm one of those for whom the environmental crazies lose sleep. :)

That said, this whole 'green building' thing is catching on for one reason alone: It makes financial sense, and for once, (unlike windmills for instance) the rubber actually hits the road.

Most of their stuff isn't worth the recycled paper it's not written on.

I guess one idea out of a thousand isn't bad, right? :)

Your advice about 'green' being the future in commercial building is right on the MONEY. :)

The only problem is the environmental crazies will think everyone is drinking their tree hugging Kool-Aid.

As Grandma used to say -- "How ironic."

David Stejkowski said...

Maybe some, Jeff...but I'm telling you it is about the MONEY. You build what the clients want, like it or not.

Sometimes there are political or legal reasons, too. For instance, here in Chicago you get fees reduced or waived and permits expedited (a big, big deal) for doing LEED-certified buildings. The higher the certification the more time and money you can save. Not a bad ideer, eh?