Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Macy's? What's that? Some New York store, right?

Well, Macy's did not get sold (yet), as was the rumor back in July. And now the company, seeing sales in the tank, is trying to revitalize its flagship Chicago store on State Street.

This is not a very lawyerly post, but oh well. You know what? Do all you want to the store. Give away stuff. Tell us how awesome the Walnut Room's new wine bar will be. Have a Britney Spears concert in the basement. (Oh, wait, you are trying to attract customers.) Personally, in the end I don't see Chicagoans going to Macy's in droves any time soon. They are hurt by the loss of an icon (albeit a faded one), and many of them are still mad, mad, mad.