Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Reilly takes on Da Mare

First it was Lakeshore Athletic, now it is opposing the relocation of the Chicago Children's Museum to Grant Park. I'll tell ya -- Brendan Reilly has guts, because this latest move means taking on Mayor Daley. While aldermanic prerogative is almost always king here, there is one trump (small "t" -- sorry, Donald) card, and that is Mayor Daley, who apparently even threw a possible race card in the mix just to raise the stakes. And in this town, the mayor usually gets what he wants. The one thing Reilly has going for him is that aldermen hold on to their prerogatives like a sacred relic, meaning they might consider backing him en masse just for their own sakes in the future. But for a freshman alderman to take on Da Mare -- that is moxie at its finest.