Monday, September 10, 2007

Like I was money getting poised to buy

Carlyle Group has announced the closing of two new funds: a $7 billion European buyout fund and a $3 billion real estate fund. Does this quote, from the WSJ's story, sound familiar to readers of this blog?

"It might be counterintuitive to raise either a real-estate or a buyout fund in the current environment. But Robert Stuckey, who runs the real-estate group at Carlyle, argues that the dislocations should create opportunities. 'Because liquidity is less abundant,' he says, 'we believe that the capital markets may underprice certain properties.'"

Bingo. As some buyers get out, others come in, and they are smart buyers too. The last thing you'd call Carlyle is dumb. And don't think this is the last announcement you'll see.


Jeff Brown said...

David - I've been having folks buy in various growth regions all year. The reason? They can swoop in under the radar and make great deals. I think, (read: hope) we can stay stealthy at least until the end of the year.