Thursday, September 6, 2007

Law firms and retirement

I don't ever intend to retire completely from practicing law. (Some say I already am semi-retired because I work less than 60 hours a week.) In this day and age I can work from anywhere in the world. And I have! (The 13-14 hour time differemce between Chicago and Manila can be interesting to work with.) I think that what I do will help keep my mind active in my later years.

Now, I understand why law firms force out senior lawyers -- the economics and All That. But I don't blame senior, experienced, wise and really smart lawyers for not wanting to hang up their shingles entirely; I think that attitude is spot on. There should be a place for these good people (and their Rolodexes). And hurrah to those shops that actively look for seasonsed lawyers who have been pushed, however, gently, out of their shops.

For more, read this commentary on
"Geezer Recruitment" from Chuck Newton and the accompanying American Lawyer story.


Chuck said...

Thanks for the mention. Good luck on your Third Wave ideas. You radical thinker you.