Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The hardest part of blogging - keeping your mouth shut?

I was interviewed last night for a publication about my blogging, and the discussion really made me think about my role as a blogger more than I have since I started doing this.

The main thing I realized was this: I have not, will not and cannot be a newsbreaker, even when I have the inside scoop. Why? Ethics. I can think of half a dozen times in the last few months when I could have broken a story, sometimes weeks before word got to the media, but I never even thought of doing so because of the confidentiality I owe my clients. I know at least one instance where I could have brought what I think were some interesting insights on a deal that was already leaked in the press, but again, my duty to my clients had to outweigh the fun I have here ruminating on deals.

It is funny that I just did this but never really thought about why. Perhaps it is just ingrained into you with all the courses you take and warnings you receive about legal ethics, a term which is not an oxymoron even though it sounds funny.

The moral of the story? Blogging is great and all that, but not at the expense of your law license. But I'll do my best to provide thoughts, comments and links to what I think is interesting. Thanks for reading, and I'll get off the soapbox now.