Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Forget Wisconsin Dells...go to Sandwich?

Has anyone noticed that many new hotel properties are including water parks these days? Has anyone noticed that they are usually puny in comparison to the megaparks in Wisconsin Dells? Has anyone noticed that I sound like Andy Rooney?

In any event, here's the latest entry in Sandwich, Illinois. I have news for the developers: Sandwich is a nice town, but a weekend getaway? I don't know. They should make money because this will be the first hotel in a growing area. But the overhead of the water park? Maybe it will work and maybe not, and here's why. There are two theories here. One is that kids won't be so interested in a water park this small. The other is that this is like your local Kiddieland, a small park for tots who then graduate to the big boys. And when I drove by Kiddieland the other week, I can tell you it was jam-packed. On the other hand, word is that Kiddieland will be history by 2010 due to family squabbles....