Monday, August 13, 2007

Sure, I'll commute to Minooka from Chicago for my warehouse job.

The news rumored for months -- and announced previously to employees -- is true: Macy's is closing the old Marshall Field warehouse location at Diversey and Pulaski in Chicago, moving the warehouse to Minooka and moving its famous furniture clearance center to a location near Fox Valley Mall in Aurora.

This is the right move for Macy's, which is admittedly not one of my favorite companies because of the Marshall Field naming debacle. Because of its location, Minooka has great distribution capabilities, and a modern facility has to be more efficient than the old lady on the north side, which is a building of over 1.5 million sf on six levels. I doubt many of the current staff is going to want to commute to Minooka unless they already live south, so most of the the 350 staff might be looking for new jobs instead of applying for the 210 jobs the new warehouse will generate.

Anyone who has been to the old warehouse, however (perhaps at the six or so sales a year they had), has to have at least a little soft spot for it. I just thought it I had the chance to get an inside tour of the place about eight or nine years ago in connection with some legal work I was doing. One thing is for sure: unless someone else keeps its current use, any other type re-use of this building would be both fascinating and challenging.