Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Local update: more retail to join new Kankakee Super Wal-Mart

Now it is Taco Bell and 36,000 sf of spec retail, with a dozen outlots to go. Although I'll probably never go there, this could be a nice little project when done. Maybe it ought to be with the breaks it gets. At first I did not understand why someone would put a retail project at the south end of Kankakee, which, despite protestations to the contrary, is not the center of growth where I live. (Even the Chamber of Commerce moved to Bourbonnais, for Pete's sake.) But now I get it. You attract some locals but you also get regional activity for probably 35 miles south, and these people have money and buy, buy, buy. Super Wal-Mart just has that kind of power, regardless of the fact that today it did not make its numbers and lowered its guidance for the rest of the year.