Friday, August 31, 2007

Labor Day: time to think about work, work and more work

We are at the unofficial end of summer this weekend. What has this meant for me the last, oh, I cannot remember how many years? Time to buckle down and prepare for a maelstrom of work. When I left the BigLaw track I thought that might change. Guess again. In fact, the complexity and the burden of the deal flow might be worse now than before. But the profits should be a little higher, too. And, based on a meeting I had with a client yesterday, 2007 will be no different. So, as Jerry Lewis yells "Timpani!" (which is the musical instrument I play, by the way) on Monday evening, I know it will be time to settle into a heavy work pattern. Recession? If there is one or a fear of one, I'm not seeing it.