Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Kohler store spa in Burr Ridge -- there goes my budget

I am taking a few days off in Wisconsin (okay, I do have a brief conference call tomorrow morning to wrap up a very important deal for a client), but I'm trying to keep up on news. I noticed that Kohler is going to open a retail store and Waters Spa in Burr Ridge.

Actually, the budget picture is perhaps not as bad as I intimated, but only because we just finished building a new shower in our house (yes, it is all Kohler, but via Lowe's). Knowing that there is a spa that nice in the relative neighborhood (40-45 minutes from home, 30 minutes from the office) is a good, albeit expensive, thing. We have nothing where we live to compare, and the spa half an hour south of us is just not our cup of tea (thus no link to it here).

The short version of this post: given the location and demos, Kohler may just as well back up the armored car for all the money they will make in Burr Ridge.