Friday, August 24, 2007

Final: Whole Foods 2, FTC 1

I wrote about Whole Foods earlier this month, albeit in the context of downsizing stores, and not the anonymous postings of CEO postings of CEO John Mackey touting the company or its battle with the FTC in acquiring Wild Oats Markets. I'm not alone in being tardy; David Bodamer just got around to the discussion about the ruling that the marget does not violate anti-trust laws yesterday. (Also take a look at a story on the deal in Retail Traffic that meshes with the court's ruling.)

Notwithstanding the FTC, the merger is now basically a done deal since a stay to delay it was denied pending appeals. And this is the right call. Retail Traffic hit it right on the head: Whole Foods now competes with the supermarket industry in general, not Wild Oats. So there's about to be one less retailer for you landlords out there.


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