Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Today's interesting incongruity....conservation developments

There's a new development that is trying to get off the ground near my house. Its name is Rhapsody Cove. I've seen some of this developer's work in the past, and my reaction was, "Boy, I wish this near where I live, because I'd like to love there.

Alas, like most of my local friends who could afford to live there, I already built a nice house and put too much into it to move. Plus the development is too far from the center of the action for me. Besides, the costlier the house down here, the harder it is to sell; I've seen some houses go three years, even in a booming market, without a sale.

Now, this development is good enough that it may convince some people to go there or others to move down here to take advantage of the ponds, trails and open space. I hope they will succeed, though I don't think it is a slam dunk.

This brings us to the interesting incongruity. You can call the developer and get a "muddy tire tour" of the ecologically sensitive development. And they'll come pick you up -- IN A HUMMER! Now, I own a big honking SUV and I'm no Al Gore, but I find it funny that a "conservation community" gives tours in a Hummer. Maybe it is an alternative-fuel Hummer like Arnold plans to have. Good luck!