Thursday, July 12, 2007

More good guys doing good -- and making money

The other day, I wrote about Charlie Munger doing the right thing with a bookstore in Brentwood. Today is a project on a smaller scale, but I think it will have a great positive impact on my community.

A team of investors is getting together to expand the local Hidden Cove Family Fun Park to include a 50,000 sf indoor sports facility. This will be a smash hit in this very sports-oriented, kid-friendly community.

Of the four investors, I think I've met Greg Yates just once, at a golf outing. Nice guy. I have worked a little with Jeff Bennett and his firm here in town, and again, I like Jeff. Blair Minton and I have not worked together, but he is a neighbor and a friend and I think very highly of him.

All in all? Good guys doing good work and virtually certain to make a nice return on their investment. Congratulations!

P.S. Can't you add an indoor driving range? Please?