Thursday, June 7, 2007

Why didn't we have this in law school?

Susan Cartier Liebel wrote an excellent post about her teaching a law school class for aspiring solo practitioners. We need more classes like this in law schools. I'm not sure I would have taken it back then, but even the option would have been nice. The "better" the school (and I went to one of them), the less practical law you learn. I'm not saying that is good or bad, it is just reality. I have long been an advocate of cutting the law school curriculum to three or four semesters of classroom time with the balance being spent in clinical and practical education. So many students come out of law school and start practicing knowing less than nothing, which is a bar to solo practice for many because of sheer fear. At least doctors have residencies. And our friends to the north have "articling" where you essentially train with other lawyers as an intern in all practical aspects of practice. Great idea, Canada.


S Cartier Liebel said...

Thanks for review of my post. I am very passionate about teaching and giving students a leg up on their options once they have their law degree. Hopefully more and more schools will start doing what they should have done from the beginning, teach law students how to be lawyers including how to run a legal services business

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Peter said...

Saw this in the ISBA Bar Journal recently...Dean Peter Alexander from Southern Illinois University School of Law is developing a protocol for business training for law students to ensure that lawyers have practical business skills for running a law practice in addition to legal skills. With more law students coming out of school and hanging out a shingle, this is an important issue.

I'll be interested to see what comes of it.