Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Avvo, you are wrong. Change your policy.

Larry Bodine's blog reports that, the new website purporting to rate attorneys on a 1-10 scale is refusing to delete profiles of attorneys who do not want to be listed on the site. This is wrong, wrong, wrong. If Avvo wants to gain any respect from the legal community, then it must allow us to opt out of the system should we choose.

While I remain somewhat ambivalent about Avvo for now, others aren't. Lawsuits are on the way. Susan Cartier Liebel (wow, two mentions in a week!) probably has the best anti-Avvo post I've read, and Kevin O'Keefe also has a terrific post about the service, including summaries of the positions of the lawyer preparing a class-action case and that of Avvo's CEO (who also apparently spoke to Kevin recently).

As for me, I still say I am more than a number or letters. I get what Avvo is trying to do, though I'm not sure it will be successful and I have concerns the system can be worked to get a high rating. (Chuck Newton says this is already happening.) Though I may not opt out, I'd feel much better about it if I were able to do so.