Monday, May 7, 2007

Why am I a real estate lawyer...

...and not a divorce lawyer? This is one big reason. I have a counseling background and was once well read in psychoanalysis and things like that, and many of my friends have told me I'd make a great divorce lawyer. I've also been told I'm empathic and extroverted, traits supposedly not common in attorneys.

I'm not a divorce lawyer because I can't do the over-the-top things that some divorce lawyers are known for. A particularly egregious example of this is the above ad, created by a law firm that will, in this blog, remain nameless unless you can read the small print. Ads like this just contribute to our profession's sinking status and bad name. This is not "cutting edge." It is pure exploitation. For shame.

I'll give these people one thing: they know their dirt. The ad is located in the heart of Chicago's Viagra Triangle.

UPDATE: the sign has been taken down for failure to have a proper permit. Of course, the lawyers got their publicity, and there's no such thing as bad publicity. Kudos to Alderman Natarus for his efforts. It is nice (though not surprising) to see he is still working hard even though he is leaving office.