Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Thoughts from the Road

I am on the road most of this week, so posting will necessarily be sporadic. I'd like to share some thoughts on the dirt world while I driving through this beautiful land of ours (and paying through the nose for gas for the privilege):
  • Land is cheap in some mid-sized cities. Some companies have already taken advantage of it, and many employees are happy about it, too. I wonder if the predictions of the Net eventually making offices largely redundant will ever be a full reality. They might, but probably not for 20 more years until Gen-Y and the current generation are running things.

  • "Minnesota Nice" also extends to Iowa and the Dakotas. Were we all so good to one another....

  • Retail and hospitality is booming, even in small towns. It is more evidence that we are becoming a service-based economy (and even a tourist one in many places as more and more people are here from Europe to take advantage of the cheap dollar), and we should just face up to it.

  • I just spent a few nights at an interesting concept: Two hotels under different flags with a water park in the middle. Presumably they all have the same owner, or there are some very happy lawyers who earned a lot of money figuring out all the issues that were associated with any co-ownership or with multiple owners. Either way, the lawyers still made money working on the franchise agreements, which had to be custom-tailored to deal with the two flags under one owner and the water park, and then there were the more routine legal issues associated with the dirt. This is a project, as a lawyer, that I would really have enjoyed!
Enough. Posting frequently is one thing, blog obsession is entirely another.