Monday, May 21, 2007

Site Shout-Out : The Margolis Law Firm

Thanks to having worked at national law firms and with the assistance and guidance of many able local counsel (email me if you need a referral to one of these fine people), I have worked on deals in, at last count, 37 states.

One the toughest from my experience is New York. Not only is a plain dirt transaction completely out of my box, but even leasing can be different in that you have, especially in Manhattan, some standard forms that can really tax your patience not to mention your eyesight.

In any event, I finally got a chance to look at the website (currently under renovation, I'm told) of Jeff Margolis, principal of the Margolis Law Firm. I've looked at Jeff's materials and articles
in the past on the DIRT website and have found them useful. You probably will too. Check the website out, and check Jeff out, too.


Jeff Margolis said...


Just today (Nov 4th, 2008) seeing your old Blog entry on my firm.

Thanks for the kind words, and yes, New York can be a treacherous place for the unitiated real estate practitioner. We like to feature ourselves as the local gurus to many fine out of state law firms and clients.

That website is now done and has some good links etc.

I hope we'll keep in touch.


Jeff Margolis