Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hey, Bruce -- you sure weren't kidding!

When I mentioned last week that Bruce Kaplan thought seed changes were occurring on the Mag Mile, I believed him. (I don't always do so, but this time I did. Nothing personal, Bruce.)

But on top of all the other vacancies, now we have Virgin blowing out of its location on the Avenue? The good news is that there is already a replacement announced in Forever XXI. But that, like H&M, is not much of an attraction, at least for me. (I guess I have to start facing the fact that I am no longer in the target demo for that area.) I always saw them and H&M as more State Street kind of places, but they are both on the Mile now, too. This is also a testimony to the continuing death spiral of retail music stores, as exemplified by the demise (and online rebirth) of Tower Records chronicled here previously.