Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lawyering - love or money?

Peter Olson made a good point in his Solo in Chicago Blog Thursday. For some lawyers, our profession has become all about money. There's a feeling among many of a lack of collegiality or that one is just a cog. This is, luckily, not universal, and I never felt that way when I was an associate. So I agree largely with Peter about the direction some lawyers and firms are going, but I'm not perhaps that sanguine, probably because I had what I think were excellent mid-sized and large firm experiences.

Not that money is a bad thing. I just think there needs to be a balance between making money and enjoying life. I commend those who can and are willing to bill 2400 hours a year in pursuit of the brass ring. There's a great reward, but also a price that comes with it. For those that have the right balance, then they have it best of all.

I hope and like to think I have that balance, but if I do, I should get off this blog and get out to the golf course!