Thursday, April 12, 2007

It must be spring...brokers moving around

The cold weather notwithstanding, a sure sign of spring to me is seeing commercial real estate brokers change shops. Ordinarily I would not even pay attention to the news, but when I see people that I have worked with or at least encountered on a deal -- directly or indirectly -- it gets a little more attention.

The acquisition of Equis by United Group was certain to cause some shifting of people in the end. So, while the moves of Kevin Duckler to head up Newmark in Chicago and the departure of two other Equis teams to Staubach are not, in and of themselves surprising, the comments of some of the now-Staubach reps about Equis were a little surprising.

I'm happy to say that I could not say a bad word about my former law firms if you paid me, but even if I could, I wouldn't. We play in a very small world, and what goes around comes around. Today's enemy is tomorrow's friend.